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MEGAMAT LTD was established in 2002 with a main priority of improving the energy - efficiency of housing. The beginning of this activity was set in 1993 when our partners introduced in Bulgaria the seamless polyurethane insulation of buildings. We used the experience we collected through the work with the best insulation material and the seamless technology of its application for the development of innovative products and techniques in the field of construction.

The persistent work of MEGAMAT LTD already met success in 2004, when we completed the first low - energy buildings constructed with innovative facing modules and technology of thermal insulation combined with tiling of facades. Two years later (2006) we constructed a one - storey building which has features of a Passive House. For its construction we used the new modular panels for facade, roof and walls.

2008 was the year when The First Passive House in Bulgaria was built by means of an innovative modular system designed by us. This system combines the best technologies and materials to meet the standards of the future. Our company expands its production capacity in order to fulfil the desire of our clients to own a house that surpasses even their dreams.

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There are different methods and systems for construction of passive houses. „MEGAMAT LTD" designed its own modular system for constructing passive houses which is highly - technological and energy - saving.
The system is based on a metal carrying construction and polyurethane as the main thermal - insulating material. Due to the exceptional thermal - insulating, adhesion and technological properties of polyurethane the thickness of the surrounding walls of the houses built by „MEGAMAT LTD" is twice smaller than this of other existing passive houses.
The flaws of western - european systems for construction like thicker walls, floors and roofs and unrealiable airtightness of the joints are turned into advantages of our modular system due to the seamless thermal insulating shell. The elements of the house are manufactured in factories on industrial basis at high quality and under constant supervision of production. The process of erecting the house is actually transformed into on - site mounting of the modular elements. The modular units – thermal walls, facade panels, block modules, roof panels and foundation are innovative solutions (some of them patented).
The design and construction of the houses is performed with machine - building precision and to guarantee the energy - efficiency we use “The Passive House Planning Package” of the “Passive House Institute” in Darmstadt, Germany. The period needed for manufacturing and completion is several times shorter.


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MEGAMAT LTD specializes in the production of one and two - storey passive family houses.

The term “Passive House” refers to buildings which obtain more than 90% of the necessary energy for heating in a passive way, i.e from solar rays coming through the windows and the heat radiated by household appliances and the occupants of the home. Тhe annual consumption of energy for heating of such a building is less than 15 [кWh] per m2. The special ventilation of the house provides constant exchange of air as well as energy recovering and heating of the always fresh and rich with oxygen incoming air. The cosy inner climate created with minimal energy consumption is healthier and this is one of the significant advantages of the passive house.
The minimal quantity of energy needed for heating and cooling the passive house is obtained passively, i.e. by means of solar and earth collectors, accumulating containers etc. In terms of energy balance and the amount of energy supplied by an outer source, passive houses can be:
zero house - a house which is completely independent of the electrical grid and
plus house - a house which produces more energy than it consumes by means of a solar photovoltaic system.

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How you can order?

We do not offer sample projects of houses, instead we design the house in cooperation with our client. The client chooses the size, number of floors, architectural style, floor - plan and everything else according to his own preferences and financial frame. The experts of our company are closely at the client’s disposal for help on every detail. Specified down to the smallest detail the ideas and desire of the client are turned into final projects by the designers of the firm. Production of the separate modular units starts in the work - shops of the company as long as the project is agreed upon and confirmed. Preparation of transportation and on - site assembly begins. The entire process starting with the idea of the client up to the total completion and passing of the key is performed by the same company.
The passive house requires accurate design, planning and construction at a high engineering level. The nature of the system does not allow random or unconsidered decisions performed by unskilled workers without supervision. The intelligent, computer - planned system, which applies the best technology and finest building materials guarantees the high - quality of the houses we build.

In the table below are included the obligations, stages and terms for planning and construction of a passive house.

Stage Type of work Performed by Months
0 Preliminary tasks
- primary conditions
- terrain plan, roads, water installation, electrical installation
- number of floors, floor plan, main materials, equipment, financing, etc.
Yes Yes 1
- Preliminary Project - 3D visualization - Yes 0,5
1 Conclusion of an agreement for design and construction Yes Yes 1
2 Project - Yes 2
3 Acceptance of the project – Authorization for construction Yes - 1
4 Manufacturing of the modular elements in the factory - Yes 2
5 Construction of the house - Yes 1
6 Completion.
Record of HandoverCertificate of use (App 16)
Yes Yes -
7 Aftersales Service - Yes 12


Why should you choose a Passive House?

What are the main advantages of a passive house over a traditional one?
Is the investment in a passive house justified?
These and many other questions cross the mind of someone who is planning to make the investment of his lifetime. Because the health, comfort, cosiness, security and financial condition of one’s family depend on the right choice of a home – now and even more in the future. To help you make this choice let us point some of the important advantages of passive houses over the conventional ones built to the current standards.

Advantages of the Passive houses built with modular system MEGAMT® over the traditional ones.

1. Twice less expenses for completion and exploitation period of 25 years of the passive house. That means it actually pays itself off.
2. 5 times smaller expense for heating ( ≤ 15 [ kWh / m2.a ]).
3. Healthier inner climate as a result of:
- constant temperature all year - round, without draughts and fluctuations.
- always fresh, filtrated and rich with oxygen air.
- no condensation or mould.
- decrease of fatigue and illnesses of the occupants.
- the necessary environment for wholesome and recovering sleep is provided.
4. Independence of the energy supply market.
5. Ecologic construction and usage
6. Short terms of completion – from 15 to 30 days.
7. The stress during construction is avoided.
8. Modern architecture.
9. Higher seismic resistance.
10. 10 times leighter weight.
11. From 8 to 10% more floorage.
12. Industrialization of construction - more than 90% of the work is performed in factory conditions at high quality and supervision.
13. Best guaranteed quick return of investment.

We work according to standards and technology of the future.


The company owns production facilities, warehouses, technological and transportation equipment which ensures high productivity and quality. The production teams are technologically high - qualified.

Тhe designing team – engineers, architects and economists - works with the “Passive House Planning Package” which is recognized everywhere in the world and applies modern technique and technology of production.

Тhe company works in close cooperation with:

PLUIMERS INSULATION LTD – a Dutch - Bulgarian company which since 1993 is a leader in the field of seamless thermal insulation with polyurethane in Bulgaria.

UNITHERM LTD - a Bulgarian - German firm offering since 2006 system solutions for heating and cooling of houses by means of heat pumps produced by the Swedish company – Thermia. Unitherm Ltd also offers low temperature floor and/or wall heating and ceiling cooling of the Austrian company VARIOTHERM.

CLAUDIOFORESI LTD – an Italian company in the field of landscape architecture.